This help article describes how to start a project in SunDAT Web by drawing in boundaries.

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Project Setup with Longitude and Latitude Coordinates

A project needs to be set up before importing 

  1. Go to the Project icon and then to Site tab
  2. In Project ID, enter the name for the project
  3. [Optional] Add the name of the client in Client Name
  4. For the longitude and latitude, input the coordinates of the project. The inputs must be in decimal degrees.   
  5. The North Angle input is to assign the direction of north in the model. For a majority of projects, North Angle should be set to 0 degrees to keep the north direction on the Y-axis.
  6. Address input will automatically update based on the latitude and longitude coordinates. If the address input is changed, the latitude and longitude inputs will change.
  7. The Imagery radius(meters) changes the size of the aerial imagery that is brought in when a project is set up. This can be adjusted after the project has been set up, once you get a better idea of what the aerial imagery looks like.
  8. When all the inputs are set, press the Create button and the project will be created.
  9. If the project set up is successful, the aerial imagery of the project location will appear in the model as well as project information in Site Overview. The SunDAT model is now ready for boundaries to be drawn.

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Drawing Boundaries

  1. Select the DrawToolKit icon in the Tools menu
  2. Choose Draw Polygon icon
  3. Click into the map and with each click, draw a corner of your polygon.
  4. End the drawing by clicking again into the starting point/also your end point.

Region Management

  1. In Project Setup, click on Regions 
  2. Choose the layout type of the selected region
  3. If you imported a KMZ/KML or DXF file, go to the Tools Menu on the right, click on the Select tool and click on your region. The region will be highlighted in yellow.
  4. If you used the longitude and latitude coordinates, go to the Tools Menu on the right, select the Draw Tool Kit > Draw Polygon and draw your region. Once drawn, click on the Select tool and click on your region. The region will be highlighted in yellow
  5. Hit the green Create button

        6. If you wish to rename i.e. R_01, click on the edit icon, rename the region name and click the green Update button 

Manually Editing Keep Outs

  1. Edit polygon/keep out vertices
  2. Click on Draw ToolKit
  1. Select Edit polygon/keep out vertices
  2. Click into the polygon
  3. Select an edge, drag and drop it

Delete polygon vertices

A polygon consists of three or more vertices. Besides the three basic vertices, any number of vertices can be deleted by doing the following:

  • Click on Draw Toolkit
  • Select Delete polygon/keep out vertices
  • Left-click into the polygon, the vertices will light up green
  • Right-click on a vertex to delete it

Delete a polygon

To delete the whole polygon, do this:

  • Choose the Select tool
  • Right-click into the polygon, a yellow contour will appear
  • Hit the delete button on your keyboard.


Can project latitude and longitude be set with minutes and seconds?

No, latitude and longitude inputs need to be set as decimal degrees.

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