This help article discusses how to create a fixed tilt table.

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* indicates that this input is required 

1.Choose table type11.Table Tilt: the tilt of the table. 0 degrees is flat
2.Drop-down list to start a new table or edit an existing table
Toggle to include structure in table creation
3.Table name. Has to start with a letter and no spaces are allowed 
Row Quantity: number of piles in north-south direction
4.Choose orientation of modules in table


Column Quantity: number of piles in east-west direction
5.Drop-down list to choose module for the fixed tilt table 


Column Pile Spacing: spacing between piles. To provide different spacings, use commas (example: 5,6, 6.5)
6.String Size: modules per string


Toggle to favorite this table. When favorited, a table can also be used in other projects. To unfavorite, uncheck toggle
7.Number of rows of modules: Typically 2 rows
Create: Create fixed tile table which will take you to preview
8.Strings per table: number of strings per fixed tilt table

Clone: button to clone tracker table. Once cloned, make your changes to the cloned table and save them by clicking the Create button
9.Module spacing: the gap between modules
9 a: choose the unit

Delete: button to delete tracker table. Once deleted, the table will not show up anymore when you look for an existing table in field number 2
10.Table Height: Height of table from the ground to the bottom of the lowest module 
10 a: choose the unit

Reset: button to clear all inputs of the fixed tilt table


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Create fixed tilt table

  1. Go to SunDAT interface

  2. Click on the table icon

  3. Choose FTGround to create a fixed tilt table

  4. Fill out the form. The inputs 1-11 are most common. Feel free to also fill in the inputs in include structure. Be advised, the inputs in include structure are required if you intend to perform civil analysis (i.e. grading or a slope analysis)  

  5. Press Create

  6. A new window will open to show you a preview of the table. In the top right corner you find the table's dimensions. Select the unit you wish to see in the units dropdown.  

  7. Click OK on the right bottom of the screen to return to the SunDAT interface

Edit table 

        1. Select the table you wish to edit from the drop-down list (point 2)

        2. Change inputs

        3. Click the Update button

Clone table

        1. Click on the Clone button (point 18)

        2. You will find the cloned table in the drop-down list (point 2)

        3. Change inputs

        4. Click on the Create button


Can I create an east-west fixed tilt table?

At this time, SunDAT does not support east-west fixed tilt tables.

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