Overview: This policy applies to the payment for future purchases and renewals of SunDAT Web.

Payment termsPayment is due at the time of purchase/renewal of a SunDAT Web subscription.  

Forms of payment: We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We will only accept paying by invoice if you purchase/renew ten (10) or more SunDAT subscriptions. 

Renewal: All subscriptions are automatically renewed with the form of payment on file, either monthly or yearly depending on the subscription purchased. To prevent your subscription from being renewed, a cancellation request must be made. Please see the cancellation section for more information.

Declined paymentsFor all declined payments, your SunDAT subscription will be placed on hold until payment has been received.  

Cancellation: Cancellation requests can be made in your account management on SunDAT Web or by submitting a ticket on our Support portal.   

Refund: All sales of monthly subscription and those paid via invoicing are final and no refund will be provided. To prevent renewal and cancel your subscription, please see the cancellation section in this policy. For sales of yearly subscriptions, refunds will be provided at prorated amount, within 9 months of your yearly subscription. After that, no refunds will be provided. See the following schedule for the prorated amount:


Refund Schedule

Cancellation of subscription

Refund for SunDAT Web Premium

Refund for SunDAT Web Premium (India Only)

Within 1 month

USD 1,800

INR 130,500

Within 2 months

USD 1,600

INR 116,000

Within 3 months

USD 1,400

INR 101,500

Within 4 months

USD 1,200

INR 87,000

Within 5 months

USD 1,000

INR 72,500

Within 6 months

USD 800

INR 58,000

Within 7 months

USD 600

INR 43,500

Within 8 months

USD 400

INR 29,000 

Within 9 months

USD 200

INR 14,500 

Within 10 Months

No refund provided

No refund provided

Within 11 Months

No refund provided

No refund provided

Within 12 Months

No refund provided

No refund provided



For questions about your subscription, please contact SunDAT Web Support.

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