SunDAT has an extensive library of solar modules and inverters, and we constantly add more to the library. You can also create your own custom modules and inverters.



1.Global library7.User library
2.Choose equipment type (module or inverter)8.Choose equipment type (module or inverter)
3.Drop-down menu of equipment 9.Drop-down menu of equipment

4.Clone button to clone equipment10.Clone button to clone equipment

5.Spec Sheet button to view equipment data sheet 11.Share button to share equipment with other SunDAT users
Attributes of the equipment in the global library12.
Spec Sheet button to view equipment data sheet

 13. Delete button to delete equipment from user library

14.Submit button to submit some custom equipment for review for to be included in Global library

15.Attributes of the equipment in the user library

Step by Step Guide

Instruction 'Adding equipment to your user library'

  1. Search for the equipment you want to add to your user library in the global library. 
  2. When found, click clone. A new window will open.  
  3. You can edit the equipment if required, then click clone. 
  4. When opening your user library, the equipment you just cloned will be visible there. 

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