Hello SunDAT Users,

After careful consideration, we've made the decision to discontinue SunDAT Web.  The official end date is set for December 15, 2024.

Following this date, SunDAT will no longer be accessible.  We understand the impact this decision may have, and we appreciate your understanding.   

For more details of this change, please see the FAQ section below.  If you have more questions or need any assistance please contact support@sundat.io.  

We are sad that SunDAT is coming to an end but it has been an awesome ride and we cannot thank you enough for support over the years. 


SunDAT Team at FTC Solar


When will SunDAT end?

SunDAT Web will no longer be accessible on December 15, 2024.  After this date you will no longer to be able to log into SunDAT Web with your credentials.

Why is SunDAT Web ending?

While we cannot go into details, it was a necessary decision to reprioritize our business and focus on products that address the current market. 

Can I still register on SunDAT Web

No, we have turned off free registration.  We are no longer offering free registrations.

Can I still purchase a monthly subscription and use the Premium version until SunDAT Web is discontinued?

No, we have disabled all purchase capabilities for SunDAT Web.  

Can I export my existing projects from SunDAT Web?

Yes, you can export different aspects of your project.  For the model, this can be exported as a DXF format (CAD) from the Export menu tab.  For project data, this can be exported as a CSV from the Properties menu tab. 

Please do this before the discontinue date, December 15, 2024, as you will no longer have access to SunDAT Web after this date.

For Customers

With this news, will I still access to the premium version of SunDAT Web?

Yes, you will uninterrupted access to SunDAT Web until the end of subscription or if you are monthly user, when you decide to end your SunDAT subscription.  If you don't know the day your subscription ends, please email support@sundat.io and we will be able to provide that information.  

Do I need to do anything for my existing subscription?

For yearly subscription users: No action is required.   Your access to SunDAT will be disconnected on the day your subscription ends.  If you don't know the day your subscription ends, please email support@sundat.io and we will be able to provide that information.  If you paid by credit card or PayPal, your account will not be auto-renewed and your credit card or PayPal will not be charged.

For monthly subscription users:  Your subscription will be continued to charged monthly until you decide to cancel or when SunDAT Web is no longer available on December 15, 2024.  If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can cancel from your account in SunDAT Web or please email support@sundat.io so we can do it for you.  Cancellation must be done before the next subscription and no refunds are offered.

If my yearly subscription ends before the discontinue date, can I go onto monthly subscription?  

At this time, we are not offering that option.  When your subscription ends, you will no longer have access to SunDAT.  If you need any technical support, please email support@sundat.io.